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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

Founder Bill Lee started Met Instruments in 1970. Initially it was a mail-order business specialising in selling and servicing weather and science instruments. In the late 80s the shopfront side of the business ( The Met Shop) developed, mainly through Bill's daughter Sue, now the business manager. This business initially occupied the old Post Office in Aro St. In the late 90s we shifted to Swan Lane off Cuba St in Wellington CBD. In September 2013 we shifted to a new address, 66 Dixon Street, still within the Cuba precinct. And in September 2016 we will be closing up the bricks and morter shop  and heading ONLINE ONLY. Sort of back where we started!

Why the "Met" Shop?

"Met" is short for meteorological, as in weather-related. The name is unique and well-established, and in New Zealand is widely associated with us even if the weather section nowadays occupies only a fraction of the shop. Other Met Shops overseas are associated with public transport or museums/galleries.

What relation do you have to the Met Service?

The Meteorological (or Met) Service is New Zealand's official weather recording and forecasting agency. We are a separate private retail business. We sell some Met Service products - but not, for example, weather balloons. We recommend and point you to use Met Service readings for your locality to calibrate weather instruments (especially barometers).

Do you have a branch in my town/city?

Sorry,  we are online only. 

Why close the shop?

This has more to do with the ailing health and fitness of Terry and Sue than it has to do with the health of the shop, which is fine. Renewing the lease after October 2016 would be one commitment too far so we decided to keep the store going at a reduced pace and stress by going online.