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Weather Instruments, Science Toys and Unusual Gifts

The Met Shop has been selling weather instruments and science toys, plus other curiosities, for forty years, in differing locations around Wellington City. We have been in Barker St, Marion St, Aro St, Swan Lane off Cuba St - for 16 years; and Dixon St .These have been wonderful times with thousands of shop visitors, from all over the country. The photo below shows the familiar old shop in its prime - a touch of nostalgia to indicate to site visitors that yes, you have come to the right place.

Alas, time passes and we're not as healthy as we used to be, and that's the main reason behind  these changes.

Our store located at 66 Dixon street is now CLOSED. Instead we are carrying on with the online shop, based at 5 Oriel Place,  Levin. Yes, Levin!  It's not a shop , it's a garage - you can visit, but ring first. We're here most hours most days.  

We are heading back to our roots in Mail Order, by going ONLINE ONLY, dealing with our familiar range of weather and science and novelty gifts. We will miss seeing our many delightful customers, but hope that they will visit us online. 

Actually, we are downsizing, reducing the range (and prices) of stock, and limiting the reordering as we wind down in preparation for closing the Met Shop in 2019.

We have always been a family shop, begun by Bill Lee, our respected Founder , run for the last 20 years by his daughter Sue Lee and her husband, Terry McDavitt, and staffed by talented family connections including Moana the Met Shop Moa. Now Bill has passed , and Sue and Terry are finding that health issues and age mean they need a quieter lifestyle. Moana the Moa has a new job in Public Relations at Whanganui Regional Museum!


Please feel free to contact us for any information on products on our site, or that you feel we may be able to source. 

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